WhatsApp Archive Feature: Is it Enough for Businesses?
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WhatsApp Archive Feature: Is it Enough for Businesses?

More and more businesses are leveraging WhatsApp for their official communications. Besides the ease of use and accessibility, the application introduced plenty of security features to protect messages from third parties. One of its notable features includes the option to keep a WhatsApp chat archived.

What does Archiving in WhatsApp do?

The WhatsApp archive feature temporarily hides your messages and chats in an archive. This feature allows users to set aside particular conversations to focus on more important ones.

An archived chat on WhatsApp won’t appear in your main inbox, protecting them from third parties that might snoop on your phone. While this feature offers convenience regarding organization, it might not be enough for businesses looking for extra data security.

What are the Benefits of the Archived Chat Feature?

Many users may mistake the archived chat feature as a means to block certain people, but it is useful for plenty of purposes:

Organizing Messages

When your WhatsApp is busy, you accumulate conversations with multiple contacts. Not all of these are important, and often it could get messy when notifications go off all at once.

The archive feature helps declutter your inbox without deleting any conversations. You can archive unimportant messages tofind the ones you need quickly.

Keep Notifications Quiet

You might belong in a group chat that’s constantly sending you notifications. This is distracting and counterproductive. Instead of leaving or deleting the conversation, you can temporarily stow them away in the archive.

Keep Messages Private

Another valuable function of the WhatsApp archived feature is to make your chats private and confidential.

If your conversations contain sensitive information, you can archive them to prevent unauthorized access. That way, whenever you lend your phone, they won’t be able to see where your messages are.

But is the Archived Chat Feature Enough for Businesses?

While WhatsApp’s archive feature is helpful for organization and basic security, it may not be sufficient for fulfilling compliance.

The archive function cannot automatically save your messages on the Cloud or the SD card. It doesn’t offer any means to monitor select archived messages, which is detrimental if an employee is committing fraud or sending illegal business communications. Additionally, archived chats can be deleted, and there’s no way to recover them.

The shortcomings of WhatsApp’s archive feature are why US regulatory bodies require companies to use a third-party archiver.

Selecting a Third-Party Archiver

You should consider partnering with a reliable archiving software provider to ensure your business remains compliant with strict business communications regulations. Many agencies are offering efficient systems, but we highly recommend LeapXpert.

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