What is Compliance Archiving?
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What is Compliance Archiving?

Many businesses do Microsoft teams compliance archiving. This is because of the changes around e-Discovery, audit needs, and legal proceedings. The growing importance of archiving for compliance is thus becoming more mandatory. 

The Importance of Compliance Archiving

Your archiving solution must ensure tamper-proof archives. One of the most apparent benefits of when you archive Microsoft team is that it protects crucial business files from being changed, deleted, or mishandled. This is significant because you may be required to prove the authenticity and integrity of your records if they are used as evidence in court.

Compliance archiving is storing data for some time to meet regulatory requirements. It is essential for regulated industries, such as financial markets, where regulations often require that historical information be preserved and cannot be altered.

The key to a successful compliance archive is to choose a solution that allows you to set up a data retention policy according to your specific needs. You should also be able to control who can access and delete emails or other data on your organization’s behalf.

A centralized, cloud-based archive is critical for eDiscovery and legal holds. It allows you to search and retrieve email and other data in a single place, making it easier for employees to supervise and export content when preparing for eDiscovery and proving compliance.

Automated email archiving solutions are popular for organizations who want to declutter their email environment while reducing costs and improving performance. They are easy to use and provide the benefits of automatic, long-term archiving with the ability to specify custom retention policies.

Ensure FINRA and SEC Compliant Retention of Email

A FINRA or SEC-compliant email archiving solution should allow you to configure retention policies that align with various laws related to tax data. It should also offer a range of features that ensure compliance is maintained and records can be easily retrieved in case of a legal dispute.

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