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Sanitizing Mat: See How The Item That Helps Fight The Coronavirus Works

The mats have a design that forms a ‘tray’ to store a disinfection solution as seen in Unimat traffic. Cleaning shoes before entering the house is just one of the parts of the practice of the new cleaning ‘ritual’ that we had to adhere to because of the new coronavirus pandemic. Companies and research institutes are developing a series of items that make hygiene care more practical to facilitate this process. One of the examples that have gained fame in this context is the sanitizing Mat, which can remove about 90% of microorganisms from shoes and help fight the spread of the virus.

Sanitation mats, which have already become popular in European countries, have edges that form a kind of tray used to apply a disinfection product. The ideal solution, which has already been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), consists of one liter of water with three spoons of bleach.

These mats are ideal for retaining the cleaning liquid and properly cleaning shoes for having high edges and seals. “The solution does not leak and spends more time disinfecting the shoe. This will bring health to the family and will leave all germs and dirt out of the house”, explained the biomedical doctor.

To ensure that the rug works effectively, it must be located outside the properties to sanitize the shoes even before entering homes or businesses. Also, another mat should be kept next to it to dry their shoes after cleaning. It is also essential that the Mat is sanitized every day and that the disinfection solution is answered every three hours.

But Is The Sanitizing Mat Effective?

For its disinfection action to be achieved, it is essential to follow specific guidelines. The sanitizing Mat needs to be understood as part of a complete protocol for cleaning and sanitizing environments, surfaces, and people. The item is one more tool in the fight against the spread of disease, but it doesn’t act alone.

It is necessary to understand that cleaning products have actives and bactericides that react quickly to the environment and organic material. Thus, its functions are lost. Therefore, the establishment must be aware of the constant replacement of the sanitizing solution on the carpet.

As stated earlier, the Mat also acts as a physical barrier, which grabs the dirt contained in the soles of shoes. This cleaning function also reflects on the disinfection of the environment, as it retains potentially harmful particles.