Know the main types of cargo vehicles you can hire online
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Know the main types of cargo vehicles you can hire online

Road freight transport is responsible for handling 90% of all goods. Due to the size of this market and its high competitiveness, it is essential that managers and professionals in the sector know the main types of cargo vehicles to know how to choose the vehicles from online shipping platforms that best meet the demands of your business. Shiply is the one stop solution where you can find the best and affordable shipping/delivery carriers. Above all, you can ask for online quotes, compare between them, and select the suitable one. From domestic delivery to international shipping, you get solution to your requirements, instantly. Click here if you want to know more details

The main types of cargo vehicles

Choosing the right vehicle for each trip benefits the company in different ways. It ensures more logistical efficiency, eliminates unnecessary expenses, satisfies customers better, avoids risks and fines, etc. There are several types of cargo vehicles available, to meet different applications in the market. It is up to logistics professionals to understand what their characteristics are, their weight limits, sizes, number of axles, and other peculiarities.


VUC stands for Urban Cargo Vehicle and is also called 3/4. They are smaller vehicles that have been adapted to deliver within cities. It has two axles, a maximum width of 2.2 meters, usually reaches a maximum length of 6.3 meters and can carry up to 3 tons. Each municipality can set its own rules on size and weight limits for VUC to transit within cities.

TOCO truck

This type of truck has 2 axles – one front and one rear, and has a maximum capacity of 6 tons, with PBT that can reach up to 16 tons. They are generally used to transport dry cargo and various products being distributed, such as sugar, oil, rice, grains, etc. These trucks are also widely used as a trunk to transport changes and general cargo, and in many cases are equipped with a bucket for transporting sand, stone, mortar and other similar materials.

Heavy duty transport truck

Also known as heavy truck, 6×2, it stands out for its double axel in the body. It is up to 14 meters long and its body can be of different types, such as trunk, bulk truck, low grill, etc. One of the rear axles receives the power of the engine and brings greater performance to the vehicle, allowing it to carry loads between 10 and 14 tons. The total weight of the truck will be up to 23 tons.

4×2 large heavy duty trucks

Popularly called simple cart, it has two single axle drive wheels. It can be coupled with different types of semi-trailers, such as trunks, bulk carriers, low racks, container carriers, refrigerated etc. The types of products that can be transported vary a lot, and depend on the type of bodywork attached to the trucks. The 6×2 tractor can also be called LS trailer or truck tractor. It is very versatile, being suitable for carrying different types of loads. It has three axles. It can keep the pressure lower when the wheels are on the ground and distribute the weight better, so it supports up to 32 tons with 41.5 tons.