Healthy lifestyle and hard physical activity: how does Test Cyp can help?
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Healthy lifestyle and hard physical activity: how does Test Cyp can help?

The benefits of healthy lifestyle can be enumerated endlessly. On the pages of this section we will reveal the meaning of a healthy lifestyle in more detail. Now, let’s understand what a healthy lifestyle is, and what components it includes.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

  • A healthy lifestyle is a system that is divided into the following components:
  • A healthy diet with which you can improve your health, increase energy and restore your taste for life.
  • Physical activity for fun. Jogging and light training with a gradual improvement of the figure are the main components of physical activity in the management of healthy lifestyle.
  • Rejection of bad habits. Nicotine, alcohol and other addictions have no place in the life of a healthy lifestyle devotee.
  • Self-development. A healthy lifestyle includes mental and physical self-development.

Change in worldview.

In the narrow sense of healthy lifestyle is a rejection of bad habits, a healthy diet and physical activity. Today we consider a healthy lifestyle in the broad sense of the expression. After reading this article, you can increase not only physical, but also mental comfort.

Healthy eating

It is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy nutrition as part of the healthy lifestyle has the following goals:

  • The return of taste to life. Excessively tasty food reduces the sensitivity of the “pleasure receptors” and provokes the release of dopamine – the hormone of happiness, which is the main motivator for any life achievement. Junk food creates unhealthy thoughts that you can get rid of by changing your diet.
  • Boost energy. The body stops spending excessive amounts of energy on poorly digested food, which allows you to release the available energy outside. With the help of new energy, you can arrange your personal life, earn money or get closer to realizing any of your goals.
  • Getting rid of problems with the gastrointestinal tract and skin. The gastrointestinal tract with unhealthy nutrition is constantly overloaded, which leads to constant abdominal pain, heaviness and drowsiness after eating. Accumulated toxins are excreted through the skin. Acne appears. Healthy eating saves you from these problems.

Read about how to switch to a healthy diet here.

Physical activity

Physical activity in the framework of healthy lifestyle is divided into two types:

Aerobic activity. This term refers to running, jumping rope and other types of non-power work. Aerobic exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is non-intense – running and jumping rope are needed to maintain a good mood and high energy. With a light jog (15-30 minutes), most HLS adherents begin their day.

Anaerobic activity. Work for the implementation of which oxygen-free methods of muscle work are used. This is strength training, with which you can build muscle and change the proportions of the figure. Strength work as part of the healthy lifestyle is also not overly intensive. This is not bodybuilding, which many bodybuilders tune in to as the last in their life. Strength training in the style of HLS implies the use of the principle of progression of loads, but you do not need to work to exhaustion.

A healthy lifestyle poses the following tasks for physical activity:

Maintaining a good mood and positive outlook EVERY DAY! Scientists conducted a survey according to which the majority of “morning runners” said that if there was an ultimatum “running in the morning or sex,” they would prefer to abandon sexual pleasures. To such an incomprehensible, from the point of view of the layman, the survey participants came to the effect of the Pharma Test C250 in USA. The level of this hormone of pleasure and motivation rises with a leisurely run for 15-30 minutes and is maintained at an elevated level throughout the day. Bottom line: everyday jogging is the way to a happy life.

Correction of a figure. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic training allows you to lose weight, build muscle, remove imbalances and cope with any task. Healthy eating and regular training are a guarantee of building a gorgeous body!

Rejuvenation. Regular training can make every young and fit person. Among adherents of healthy lifestyle, many notice an attractive gleam in their eyes. The man seems to glow from the inside. And it really “glows”, because thanks to the high level of dopamine, both men and women, at any age and condition, seem younger and more attractive!

Rejection of bad habits

Bad habits are superfluous things that:

Worsen your health. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, playing “Tanchiki” for 8 hours a day and other addictions permanently worsen your health, reduce the quantity and worsen the quality of your life. Ask yourself: Are the moments of imaginary happiness worth the lost possibilities of your only life?

They take money and harm your physical or emotional health. Not only smoking or alcohol, but also unhealthy foods and even parasitic people who undermine your faith in yourself and your abilities can be a bad habit under this item.

Limit your capabilities. The thought “Take care of the healthy lifestyle from the new year” or “put off this business for tomorrow” are bad habits that must be eradicated from your life.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down on this leaflet all bad habits that fit the above criteria. Plan the timing of getting rid of every bad habit. We do not recommend switching to a “total healthy lifestyle” instantly – such a sharpness will lead to a multiple decrease in the concentration of hormones of happiness, which will ultimately lead to a breakdown. Give up one bad habit every 2-3 weeks.

Example: you counted 10 bad habits. This means that it will take 20-30 weeks or 5-7.5 months to completely get rid of your “stocks”.

Self development

In today’s world, to move forward you need to run, not go forward. The modern world throws to the sidelines everyone who refuses to develop. Only a person who surpasses the speed of the whole world in his speed of development becomes a successful, healthy person. Healthy lifestyle is the choice of most successful people who understand this axiom. Self-development in the framework of healthy lifestyles allows you to achieve these goals:

Constantly improve your standard of living. This applies to both material wealth and the subjective feeling of happiness.

Have more opportunities than others. Self-development in your professional field allows you to perform work tasks with maximum efficiency with minimum time costs. A specialist who does not develop spends all his day and all energy on solving an easy task. With the help of self-development, you can solve the same problem in 20 minutes and spend 0.5% of the available energy. Self-development in any field is the shortest way to achieve success and enjoy the process.

Become an independent, interesting person.

A healthy lifestyle in the narrow sense of the term is the self-development of the body. We expand this concept to “self-development of the body and spirit.” Healthy lifestyle is an opportunity to live a long and high-quality life at the maximum of its capabilities!

Worldview change

A healthy lifestyle significantly changes your worldview. Adherents of healthy lifestyles note such changes in their own worldview:

Positive outlook. A person begins not only to look positively at the same things, but also to attract positive changes. The reason for these changes is a multiple increase in the sensitivity of pleasure hormone receptors, high sensitivity to which allows you to get a constant feeling of happiness.

The emergence of critical thinking. A set of measures to switch to healthy lifestyle develops your physical and mental abilities. A person becomes more independent and sober in his judgments. A healthy lifestyle increases the efficiency of your daily activities.

Understanding the lack of boundaries. Yesterday, you exhausted the body with smoking, alcohol and poor food with the idea that such a lifestyle can bring the maximum amount of pleasure, and today you are running 10 km and you are simply torn from the overwhelming feeling of happiness from every step. There comes an understanding that even the current excellent condition can be improved. Planning and performing actions within the framework of a healthy lifestyle every day gives more and more pleasure, erasing the old boundaries. Do you want to live freely and have maximum pleasure? Turn to healthy lifestyle, not alcohol and cigarettes!

Special treatments

The arsenal of a healthy lifestyle has special procedures that strengthen the body, enhance immunity, and also add variety and pleasure to the life of any fan of healthy lifestyle. Among them:

Contrast douche. The use of hot and cold douches alternately trains the cardiovascular system and increases the sensitivity of dopamine receptors. This procedure also allows you to wake up and discard negative emotions. Caution: before using contrasting douches, make sure that there are no serious pathologies with the heart. Consult your doctor about the appropriateness of using a douche specifically in your case.

Example: we fill 2 basins with water. In one basin is water at a temperature of 2 degrees. In the other – 50-55 degrees. Pour a basin of cold water onto ourselves, then immediately pour hot water over it. This procedure can be repeated up to 5 times a day.

Cold and hot shower. The effect of a contrast shower is similar to the benefits of dousing.

Swimming in the hole. Winter swimming allows you to heal the body and increase the sensitivity of dopamine receptors. Before bathing in winter, check your heart condition! The cardiovascular system of a healthy person is strengthened by bathing in the winter, while for a sick person this procedure may be fatal.

Massage, yoga and other procedures that increase the level of satisfaction with life and you like.

Healthy lifestyle. Valuable recommendations

The following recommendations will allow you to switch to healthy lifestyle without unnecessary problems, as well as increase the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle:

Do not stop working on your worldview. Depending on your perception of the surrounding reality, healthy lifestyle can be both a pleasure and a source of negativity. A person for whom the main joy is alcohol, cigarettes and empty burning of life, simply does not see the pleasure that a healthy lifestyle devotee receives from leading an effective healthy lifestyle. Example: a person who grew up in the jungle cannot understand all the charms of human civilization. For him, the jungle is the top of development, the “ceiling”, which is impossible to overcome. People who deliberately destroy their body are in the same “jungle” – they do not understand how else it can be filled in this life. Only work on your worldview allows you to overcome the “jungle complex” and bring your life to a new level.

Fitness should be added to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is not only the improvement and improvement of body condition, but also the ability to enjoy from healthy sources. Alcohol, cigarettes, high-calorie foods – all bad habits lead to the release of dopamine (the hormone of happiness and motivation), which should be released only in response to biologically beneficial actions. Man deceives nature, receives an undeserved drug and suffers from it. When the drug disappears, withdrawal begins – the suffering doubles, as the level of pleasure hormones decreases sharply. Fitness, along with the transition to healthy lifestyle, allows you to change the source of hormones of happiness to one that leads to joy, and not suffering in the long run. Productive physical activity increases dopamine levels and increases the chances of a successful switch to healthy lifestyle.

Do not be afraid to use sports nutrition to achieve your goals. Sports nutrition is a harmless opportunity to progress in fitness or bodybuilding, which prevent our psyche from going crazy with a decrease in the number of pleasure hormones in the first days after giving up bad habits. The more noticeable the progress, the greater the pleasure of new activities. So it’s easier to give up bad habits.

Folk sports and outdoor activities along with family or friends also helps to move to a new lifestyle. The emphasis of the psyche is shifting from a harmful, inefficient lifestyle to new hobbies that allow you to make new friends, improve relationships with family and friends. In our practice, there are cases when the heads of a man who have been drinking for years the well-being of their family, after one trip to the mountains with his wife and children, changed beyond recognition. They tried a new “taste”, understood the wretchedness of their past life, realized the number of opportunities in a new, healthy life, and tied up with bad habits forever.

Work on the hormonal system. The methods that are listed in the link above will do. Feel the changes after the work done – continue in the same spirit, live a full life and do not return to the old existence. If practical methods for setting up the hormonal system work have not yielded results, take hormone tests, go through the necessary examinations. One minor disease that lowers testosterone levels can make a man’s entire life lethargic, lethargic, and pointless. The “trick” of the hormonal system is that a sluggish and lethargic man, because of the lack of necessary hormones, “does not see” the opportunity to lead a full, energetic and healthy lifestyle.

Men can use martial arts to raise testosterone levels and improve hormonal performance. Martial arts develop masculinity, willpower and the ability to deal with one’s weaknesses. They also serve as an entertainment that helps relieve stress after a hard working week. But martial arts are only for real men. Only for those men who wish to lead a strong lifestyle.

Team sports and other activities that force building relationships with people make it easier to switch to healthy lifestyle. Building relationships with people is one of the most “dopamine-containing” actions that blocks the “fake happiness effect” from bad habits.

Sports exercises that can be performed at home also contribute to the release of hormones of pleasure. Simple physical exercises performed without fanaticism, but on an ongoing basis, increase the level of hormones of joy due to the following properties:

– Physical activity is regarded by the body as a biologically beneficial effect. In response to the exercise, the body releases a small portion of the hormones of pleasure.

– Progress in improving appearance and health is changing the worldview of a person due to the release of a huge amount of pleasure hormones into the blood.

For men: see our section “Sports girls”. An athletic, intelligent girl will not be interested in a man who leads a miserable, meaningless existence and cannot get rid of habits that destroy his masculinity. Girls should also understand that a really strong man will not pay attention to a woman who can’t cope with simple bad habits like smoking, regular drinking or gluttony. Fighting such base habits is something that a strong representative of the opposite sex is not ready to spend his life on. In the modern world of healthy lifestyle significantly increases your chances of arranging your personal life.

How to switch to healthy lifestyle?

Especially for you, we have created a unique plan for the transition to healthy lifestyle, which will allow:

To systematize the acquired knowledge on healthy lifestyle.

Go to healthy lifestyle without disruption and a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Smoothly get rid of bad habits without “breaking” and the desire to return to the previous lifestyle.

Make the process of transition to healthy lifestyle interesting and enjoyable.

This system is based on an understanding of the functioning of the human hormonal system, the features of which are responsible for certain habits.

Your step-by-step system for switching to healthy lifestyle looks like this:

The first step is to get rid of the main bad habit, which causes the greatest dependence. This is the most difficult step, as a reduction in dopamine levels will be significant. The place of the main bad habit on the same day should be taken by a healthy habit, the consolidation of which also leads to an increase in the level of dopamine. Example: you quit smoking and do a 20-minute run on the same day. If the addiction is too strong, then add delicious, but not too bad food to the runs. Smoking (alcohol, drugs) on this day we quit once and for all!

After 2 weeks of life in such a schedule, we add strength activity to jogging. The transition to serious power work is done gradually:

We train at home with our own body weight for 2-4 weeks.

For 1-3 months we work at home and on horizontal bars. The horizontal bar can be bought home or found on the sports ground.

After 3 months, we buy a gym membership. To work with the horizontal bar and bars, add exercises with a barbell and dumbbells.

After 5 months, we are engaged in a lightweight program using the bodybuilding principle of progression of loads.

After 3 weeks, we give up the second bad habit. On this day, add one developmental mechanism.

After 5 weeks, we are reviewing the diet. We focus on the text of this material. We switch to a healthy diet according to the algorithm indicated in the link. On this day, add contrasting douche, the use of which not only improves your health, but also increases the level of dopamine.

After 6 weeks, we give up another bad habit. On this day, add another developmental mechanism.

We continue to root a healthy lifestyle using this algorithm.

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