Creating strong passwords: Things small businesses need to know!
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Creating strong passwords: Things small businesses need to know!

The consequences of a security breach extend beyond financial losses. While a decline in revenue and profit is a matter of concern, data theft and breaches can cause a dent in brand image, and there could be fines and penalties involved. More often than not, these security breaches and cyberattacks happen because hackers could hack passwords. Password protection is a serious aspect that small businesses need to be proactive about, and in this post, we are suggesting the best guidelines.

Understanding strong passwords

What exactly is a strong password? Yes, it’s true that a long password is always better than a short one, but whether it’s a strong one or not depends on many factors. Complex passwords are necessary. You don’t want your employees to use passwords that are super easy to remember, no matter how long. Firstly, all passwords must be at leas 10 characters long, and the mix should include numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters, and special characters. Also, make sure personal or company information is not included in passwords.

Train your employees

Employees, unfortunately, have been responsible for numerous security breaches, and that often happens because people within the organization are not very aware about cybersecurity. They need to know the relevance of password protection and their role in ensuring cybersecurity. If that means hiring experts and spending on training, consider that. Getting everyone involved is necessary at every level of the organization.

Protection beyond passwords

For selective devices, such as IP cameras and network servers, and for privilege accounts, it is wise to consider multifactor authentication. This could mean using biometrics, or a basic security question, but a second or third level of authentication always helps. Also, you may want to consider the choice of lockout feature. If someone tries to hack into account or makes more than three or four invalid login attempts, the account will be locked for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Recommend a password management tool

Let’s get practical here – It is impossible for managers and frontline employees to use complex passwords and remember each one. The best bet is a password management tool, which can help in creating strong passwords and retrieving them as required. There are both paid and free tools, but select one that offers enterprise-level security.

A few steps go a long way in ensuring password protection and preventing security breaches. Don’t delay in taking action in time. Preventive measures are always better than corrective ones.