What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Cybersecurity Measures You Must Consider?
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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Cybersecurity Measures You Must Consider?

This article enlists some of the simplest measures you can undertake to protect yourself from cyberattacks and empower the importance of cyber security concerns. Thank us later.


  • Keep your system up to date by all means

Hackers are always on the loose to seek flaws in your software that lets them permeate your system with ease. There is a constant debate between the security features of Windows and Apple. Whenever there is a flaw discovered in these two platforms, the developers come up with a patch so as to fix the flaw. Then this patches are deployed as updates to the users. Always keep your devices updated as soon as possible. If you procrastinate, you may let the bad guys hack into your system.

  • Always create a backup

And not only one, but three: an original, a duplicate for yourself and an offsite copy. You can store the latter in the cloud. There are many budget friendly backup systems available to keep an eye on your data for any kind of changes and to make duplicates of these changes as they happen. For having a local copy, you will need a separate storage device like an external HDD.

  • Create a strong password

Always use elongated passwords by integrating upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols etc. If you cannot remember them, you can use a password vault to store them safely. To make things inconvenient for the bad guys, you should use passwords that are at least 12 to 1


  • Trust anyone

Hackers will use your acquaintances as a leverage so as to let your guard down. You may receive a suspicious email from someone you know with a link to something suspicious. Before you click on the link, be cautious. This kind of phishing is very common. Hackers may also disguise themselves as banks to make it seem like it came from a trusted source. So always be wary and never respond to such mails.

  • Underestimate cybersecurity

Always presume that under any condition or circumstances, you are always under the attack from outside attacks. So, never, ever let your guard down when it comes to cybersecurity and never underestimate it.

  • Depend on antivirus software to shield you

Sometimes, these programs may not be up to date with the threats trending, hence they render your system vulnerable to cyberattacks. They also act as a false blanket of security from many malware or attacks. Hence, you should always update them on a regular basis.