use of nicotinic acid
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use of nicotinic acid

If you have no contraindications to the use of nicotinic acid, and also there is no allergic reaction, you will certainly appreciate its properties. There are two ways to apply nicotinic acid externally: in pure form or as part of masks. Moreover, the acid concentrate can be added to both purchased and home-made masks.

To understand which method is best for you, you can read the online reviews on the Internet. In addition, “before-after” photos in real reviews can further motivate you to carry out these procedures. Moreover, most reviews of nicotinic acid for hair are positive. In addition, the price of this tool is very cheap.

To use nicotinic acid in its pure form, apply the contents of one ampoule to a clean scalp. If you use acid from a plastic bottle with a dispenser, evenly distribute the product over the entire surface of the head. Then rub the liquid into the hair roots with massaging movements. This procedure should be done every three days. It is recommended to do a course of 14-15 procedures. You can repeat the course every three months.

Before applying the acid, you can cleanse the hair and scalp with a mild shampoo.

To evaluate the effectiveness of nicotinic acid, you can add it to your favorite mask for hair growth and density. To do this, add five milliliters of acid to the usual volume of the mask, which you apply. This mixture should be left on the hair from half an hour to an hour.

You can also try homemade masks. For example, a mask with aloe is very popular. For it you will need five milliliters of nicotinic acid and twice as much aloe juice. The mixture must be applied to the hair roots and left for up to two hours in Midtown Manhattan Barbershop.

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