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Naughty Mag - Jenni Rhodes XXX - Jenni Rhodes

Jenni, 21, and her man, T., got down to business for the NN cameras in her apartment in Hollywood, Florida, so that she could feel more at home and relaxed. But Jenni didn't want to fuck in her bedroom; she chose to get into action in her laundry room. "Well, it was the only room in my place that we haven't christened since we got together," she said. "T. has shown me that it's a lot of fun and really hot to have sex in all sorts of different places. I was strictly a bedroom-fucker before I met him. My last boyfriend dumped me because he reckoned that I was a boring fuck," said Jenni. "Mind you, he was a 60-second wonder! I hope he sees our layout in NN. Before we slept together for the first time, I told T. what my ex had said about me-I thought that I'd better warn him-but an hour later-after three orgasms for me and two for him-T.

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