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PornMegaLoad - Blow Job Class - Madi Jane.

Ivy, Libra, Madi Jane and Peaches attend Miss Shugar's "Blow Job Class" at Big Girl Sex School, where they will learn how to use their mouths, lips, tongue and throats to service man's gift to women: The Cock. Cock and scrotum worship is the goal and no one graduates until the girls suck perfectly. As class begins, the girls await with eager throats. They chatter excitedly. Ashley, one of Miss Shugar's hung studs at this campus of cleavage, is the "learning tool" for this course. The girls are expected to use their giant jugs as well as lots of spit. Ivy is first after Miss Shugar starts the class. Then Madi, Peaches and Libra proceed, carefully learning how to suck Ashley's big dick. All four girls take part draining Ashley's nut-sack. They are now certified cocksuckers.


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