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40 Something - Who Doesn't Love A Busty MILF? - Porsche Lane

"I love having big tits. It makes me feel like more of a woman," Porsche said. "And, of course, there's the added benefit of them looking so good in tight clothes, and that always attracts attention from men." Porsche has no trouble attracting attention. "None at all, and it doesn't matter if the guy is young, old or middle-aged, they all seem to love my tits. Young guys always love a busty MILF, and older guys become like little boys when they play with them, which is great for me. I love having my tits played with, and I never have to ask." Porsche is a sexual woman. She's a swinger who enjoys going on swingers' cruises. She's into group sex. But there's one thing she hasn't done. The one thing that Porsche hasn't done that she wants to do is.."DP." Uh, what are you waiting for, Porsche? "I know, I know! All I'd have to do is snap my fingers and I'd have two guys ready to stick it in my ass and my pussy in a minute.

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