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Scoreland - Tight Fit - Jazmine

After short, slim and busty Jazmine slaved over JC's thick pussy-stretcher with a drooling blow job (for which she must be praised), he was able to fit it into her pretty pink hole and give her a ride. It was a tight fit for sure for this pretty little 23-year-old with big tits. Jazmine is from New York but now lives in Florida where she found out about SCORE. She wants to be a porn star and definitely has the talents and skills for it. She's now well on her way. Jazmine digs being plugged doggie style and bouncing on top of cock. She likes getting head and finger-fucked. She likes her ass slapped and her hair pulled. That sounds like she has very well-rounded hobbies. Immediately following her debut on SCORELAND, Jazmine hit #2 on the Top 20-Rated.