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Scoreland - H-Cup Cream Dream - Farrah

Farrah likes dancing, shopping and traveling. She was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in Texas. She says she has a major breast fetish and expects any guy who's interested in her to feel the same way. Her sexual fantasy is to be controlled by a man. "If a man doesn't act like the boss, most women will not respect him," says Farrah. "Most girls won't say this but it's true. They don't respect the wimp. Now I don't expect a man to be a brute; I expect him to be an intelligent, strong-willed gentleman and treat me well. But he should be the leader in the relationship, even if it's just a no-strings fun and sex casual relationship." Farrah knows what she likes in the sack. "How can I describe my perfect fuck? All I can think of is harder, harder, harder.