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|Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls|http://www.scorevideos.com/modeldir/data/posting/37/848/posting_37848_x_xl.jpg|In this hardcore superhero parody, the man in the mask carries the super-stacked, if limp, bodies of mega-boobed superstars Minka and Kayla into his Fortress of Jackitude and lays them out on the bed. Kayla wakes up first, then she wakes Minka up. He couldn't have kidnapped any more down-and-dirty porn pros than these two busy legends for his nefarious plans. The only thing missing is voice balloons on the screen above the girls' heads.

Kayla: "Minka, Minka, wake up!"

Minka: "What's up, Kayla...where are we?"

Kayla: "I don't know, but this place needs a decorator bad."

Enter Blue Balls: "Don't be alarmed, ladies. The effects of my sleep gas will wear off in a few seconds."

Minka: "Who are you, baby?"

Kayla: "Yeah, and why the mask?"

Blue Balls: "The world knows me as Blue Balls, the world's greatest wrestler. But I am also a super hero, a crime fighter and a man of science, and I need your help. I'm sorry for bringing you here in this way but I had to keep your arrival a secret."

Kayla: "We get a lot of fans that want our attention but you take the cake, buster!"

Blue Balls: "Minka. Kayla. I need your help in my fight against crime and I want the world's greatest big boob stars to join my team."

Kayla: "Oh brother, Minka! Now I've heard everything. Like Charlie's Angel's, right?"

Minka: "Kayla, let's see why this guy's name is Blue Balls. You got a big sausage, baby?"

The battle begins as both Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Balls' cock to suck and fuck him dry. And they have the skills to do it. No man can survive their cock onslaught when they team up.

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