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Fat Girls 21 Apr 2015

|Hard Cock For A Soft Bra-Buster||Czech sweater-buster Sirale wanted to model for SCORE after seeing TSG magazines at a photographer's studio in Prague. We brought the party and the party guys to her.

Sirale matches-up with Neeo, a dependable chap who has stud-serviced European SCORE Girls like Westy since 2008. He's playing around with a new camera when Sirale comes over to get some attention. Sirale wants him to photograph her. He tries but he's having problems with the technical complexities of digital cameras. This ain't no smartphone that takes soft-focus pix.

Sirale hovers over him, sticking her large cleavage in his face and giving him a backrub. She's trying her best to distract him from reading the camera manual. She looks at our camera and you can picture the light bulb appearing over her head as she comes up with the right way to get him away from his new toy.

Sirale leaves but she comes back in her bra and panties. Persistent little totty, isn't she? Now, Neeo is all eyes. He starts shooting Sirale as she poses on the couch.

Neeo's picture taking wraps up and he begins to play with eager Sirale's busty body. She is anxious to get sexed and Neeo has the right lens to service Sirale.

Neeo feeds Sirale cock and she worships his shaft. When he's fucking her big boobs, she sticks her tongue out to lick the tip. She lies back on the couch so he can eat out at the Y. Sirale repays the favor by jerking and tit-fucking him again. Sirale finally gets the bone up her pink pussy and Neeo rams it in, pumping her shaved slit fast. Sirale wants it harder and faster and she gets it until Neeo has a happy ending on Sirale's face.


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Fat Girls 21 Apr 2015


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Fat Girls 21 Apr 2015

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Fat Girls 18 Apr 2015

|Minka & Kayla Vs Blue Balls||In this hardcore superhero parody, the man in the mask carries the super-stacked, if limp, bodies of mega-boobed superstars Minka and Kayla into his Fortress of Jackitude and lays them out on the bed. Kayla wakes up first, then she wakes Minka up. He couldn't have kidnapped any more down-and-dirty porn pros than these two busy legends for his nefarious plans. The only thing missing is voice balloons on the screen above the girls' heads.

Kayla: "Minka, Minka, wake up!"

Minka: "What's up, Kayla...where are we?"

Kayla: "I don't know, but this place needs a decorator bad."

Enter Blue Balls: "Don't be alarmed, ladies. The effects of my sleep gas will wear off in a few seconds."

Minka: "Who are you, baby?"

Kayla: "Yeah, and why the mask?"

Blue Balls: "The world knows me as Blue Balls, the world's greatest wrestler. But I am also a super hero, a crime fighter and a man of science, and I need your help. I'm sorry for bringing you here in this way but I had to keep your arrival a secret."

Kayla: "We get a lot of fans that want our attention but you take the cake, buster!"

Blue Balls: "Minka. Kayla. I need your help in my fight against crime and I want the world's greatest big boob stars to join my team."

Kayla: "Oh brother, Minka! Now I've heard everything. Like Charlie's Angel's, right?"

Minka: "Kayla, let's see why this guy's name is Blue Balls. You got a big sausage, baby?"

The battle begins as both Minka and Kayla dive on Blue Balls' cock to suck and fuck him dry. And they have the skills to do it. No man can survive their cock onslaught when they team up.


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Fat Girls 18 Apr 2015

|XL Girls Legends||Devin Taylor is an XLGirls legend. She is one of the very few who had a DVD created specifically about her (Devin Does South Beach), shot in Miami Beach, Florida. It took a long time to arrange to photograph Devin the first time because she was very precise about who she would pose for and who she would not pose for.

"Plumper to me sounds like hot dogs!" Devin said. "You plump when you cook them. I'm completely ok with fat. I think when a word's really bad, you should own it and then no one can hurt you. Hey, I'm a real pretty fat girl! I do love the word 'voluptuous,' It's beautiful and it's lovely to be described that way. Rubenesque is beautiful, too. Chunky, chubby, not so great!"

While she spread and used big toys, Devin had no interest in shooting hardcore with guys and feedback wanting her to do hardcore was non-existent for the most part. The readers and members who liked her wanted Devin all to themselves and didn't want a dude in their line of sight.

The sexy blonde retired much too early, in our opinion.


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