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|Take Out... Your Cock||Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is nice, but sometimes you just wanted to order take out and veg at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and she has her reasons. "I get so fucking horny when I eat that I'd rather just be at home so I can fuck right there. If I'm at a restaurant I just get into trouble. Especially if the food is really good. The better it tastes, the hornier I get. I will start trying to suck my guy's dick under the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the bathroom to fuck. To be honest, the number of restaurants I'm not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I'd rather just order take out."


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|Tiffany Loves Pussy||Is there any hotter than two busty babes sucking each other's tits and playing with each other's pussies? No way! In this video, Tiffany and Stacey Vaughn go tit to tit for a little lezzie fun. Tiffany's bustier than Stacey, but then again, Tiffany is bustier than everyone! That doesn't stop her from manhandling Stacey's mounds, though. "I love fooling around with all kinds of girls," Tiffany said. "They're so soft and they smell good. I love eating pussy almost as much as I love sucking cock. Almost." That's good. We love seeing her play with girls, but we would be extremely sad if she didn't love messing around with cock, too!


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|The Thong Team's five-way orgy||Here, we have three chocolate beauties with huge asses. Their names are Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black and Kelly Starr. They make those booty cheeks shake and thunder. They do other tricks, too. Their asses are so big, sometimes it looks like they're wearing elastic bands around their waists and nothing else because their butt cheeks suck up the vertical portion of the fabric.

They get down on all fours. There's more shaking and thundering.

"We're gonna have a thong orgy," one of them says. Who the fuck knows which one says it? We're so fixated on their booties, we can't see their lips moving.

But this isn't all about shaking booties. It's about fucking.

So the guys show up. Two of them. And their cocks come out, and they're not out for long before they're in the girls' mouths.

There's hard banging. There's face-sitting (because there are only two cocks to go around, so when one girl's pussy isn't filled with dick, she sits on another girl's face to keep the pleasure going).

There's a lot of moaning. There's cum flying everywhere, but mostly on the girls' ass cheeks.

Now the question is: How does a member of The Thong Team clean the cum off her ass? That's something you'll want to see.





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